Advanced Training on Chemical Tanker Operations - approved course in accordance with the national standard of MARAD from 2016

Reg. V/1-1 para 6.3 and Code A- V/1-1 p.3 and Table V/1-1-3 of the STCW 78, as amended
Number of Trainees
Minimum: 6
Maximum: 12
7 days, 60 hrs
600 BGN for course, carried out in Bulgarian


This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills to be acquired by persons from the ship's crew, who have been entrusted with loading and discharging operations on chemical tanker, so that they can safely perform the calculation and distribution of cargo loading, discharging and care load during the transition, protection of the marine environment from pollution, as required by section A-V/1-1 paragraph 6.3 and A-V/1-1 p.3 and Table V/1-1-3 of  the STCW Convention STCW'78, as amended, Directive 2008/106/EC and the national standard for this training of Marad.
 Entry standards
 The trainees must hold a certificate of competence (CoC). Additionallythey must have completed courses "Advanced Training in Fire Fighting", "Basic Training in Oil and Chemical Tanker cargo operations" and to have relevant certificates.
     Successful trainees a certificate of proficiency “Advanced Training on Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations” is issued by the Regional Directorate “Maritime Administration" in accordance with the form provided in Appendix 12 to the Ordinance № 6 for the competence of the seafarers of the Republic of Bulgaria after the trainee presents documented prove for at least 3 months seagoing service on chemical tankers, or at least one month of  seagoing service and participation in at least three loading and three unloading operations under the management of the officer, executing these operations on a chemical tanker. These service should be duly documented in a practical training record book and it documenting should cover at least the practical training and experience at sea,  recommended in Reg. B-V/1 p.10-19, 22 I 23.  
This course is carried out in English on customer request.