List of the most frequent courses, provided by the Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre



9026 Varna, 73 Vasil Droumev Str.; tel: +(359 52) 380 574; 302 501; 380 575  Fax: + (359 52) 302 503, email: 

 Presently provides over 40 different training courses focusing on the following main areas of training:
•Safety Training Courses in accordance with the requirements of STCW 78’ as amended in 2010:

  • Basic Safety Training
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats,different from Fast Rescue Boats
  • Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat - initial
  • Advanced Training in Fire Fighting - initial and refreher
  • Medical Care on Board - initial
    *Medical Care on Board - refresher
     Proficiency in Medical First Aid
  • Ship Security Officer
  • Specialized training for personnel on passenger ships including ro-ro passenger ships
  • Proficiency in security awareness
  • Proficiency for seafarers with designated security duties
  • Marine Environment Awareness
  • Use of leadership and managerial skill
  • Application of leadership and teamworking skills
  • Train the Trainers 6.09
  • Train the Trainers 6.10

     * Tanker Operations:

     * Simulation - Navigation:

  • Enclosed spaces entry and hot work permit
  • Introduction to of ISM/ISO and PSC for Safety
  • Hazardous goods transportation HAZMAT
  • Risk Management & Incident Investigation
  • Command Skills Development
  • Navigation Skills for Junior Deck Officers
  • Crew skills development for deck officers
  • Efficient Deck Hand
  • Ship Safety Officer
  • Ballast Management
  • Framo Pumping System Familiarization Training
  • Food Safety & Hygiene
  • Advanced Training in ship cooking for cooks in international crews
  • Safe work with Slings, Hitch Loads and Load-lifting rigging on ships

      * Engineering Courses:

  • Engine Team & Resource Management
  • Engine Room Simulator training
  • Maintenance & Repair of Ship’s Turbochargers
  • Monitoring and Operation of Main and Auxiliary Machinery and Associated Control Systems

          Prep courses for Ratings and Support staff, licensed by the National Agency for Professional Education and Training and upgrading professional knowledge and skills:
-          Able seafarer deck – prep course
-          Able seafarer engine – prep course
-          Skipper of Vessel of up to 40 GT-sea-going (rating-attendant)