Navigation and Safety&Security Department

The lecturers and instructors, working at this department develop and carry out all programmes for refreshing and updating training for deck officers through:
- Short-term courses, in accordance with STCW 78' as amended, requirements and IMO model courses: (Oil and Chemical Tanker Familiarization, Gas Tanker Familiarization, Advanced Training in Oil Tanker Operations, Advanced Training in Chemical Tanker Operations,Advanced Training in Gas Tanker Operation;etc. 
-Simulator courses: Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator course - oil, chemical or gas tanker,Operational Use of ECDIS,GMDSS - General Operator,Bridge Team Management,Bridge Resource & Team Management,Bridge Team Management - refresher,Ship Handling and Maneuvering,Navigation skills development, etc;
-other short term courses - ISM introduction, Hazardous goods transportation, shipboard safety officer,risk assessment and accident investigation,command skills development, search and rescue, team leadership,train of trainers, and many other.
- Long - term prep courses for upgrading maritime competency for Masters and Chief Officers; Vocational qualification course for achieving 3rd degree professional qualification in Navigation.(AB-ies with 36 months seagoing experience after graduation in this course and succesful examination before Maritime Administration an Watchkeeping officer maritime proficiency can be achieved), course for WOO 7.01, etc.
 - courses , required by the STCW 78' as amended, which are approved by Bulgarian Maritime Administration:
*in compliance with Ch.VI of the STCW' 78 as amended, BMA approved courses –  Basic Safety Training, Advance Fire Fighting, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat,different from Fast rescue Boat; Proficiency in Medical First Aid, Medical care onboard; Medical Care refresher, Proficiency in Ship Security, Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boat,etc.
*in compliance with Ch.V of the STCW'78 as amended ( Specialized Training for Passengers, incl Ro-Ro Passengers - NEW course, etc.)
*Safety Courses – enclosed spaces entry,hot work permit,SOC,RAAI, etc.
The Department developes any types of safety training which might be particularily requested by different companies, shipowners and manning agents.
All latest amendments in maritime conventions, codes, directives, etc  are taken into account and implemented within the training.

Capt. Ivelin Ivanov,tel 359 52 380549 e-mail:
Capt.Hristо Raynov, tel 00359 52 380524;
Capt.Bozhidar Kanchev,tel.359 52 380547;
Capt.Damyan Gilev, Head of Department;;tel: 359 52 380537
Capt.Dencho Dobrev;; tel 00359 52 380522