Proficiency in Fast Rescue course - REFRESHER

New approved from Maritime Administration mandatory refresher course
Number of Trainees
Minimum: 6
Maximum: 6
1 day
200 BGN for course language English

The course is designed to provide continuing competence of a seafarers holding a certificate of professional competence "Proficiency in fast rescue boat ", which expires or have  already expired.
The training in this  course  meets  the requirements of Regulation I / 11, par. 5 of the STCW, as amended, and Ch. VІ ,Regulation A-VI/2 ,  para 11-12 , table А-VI/2- 2 of the SCTW Code, as amended,   and  National Standard of  Executive Agency ‘Maritime Administration’  from 18.12.2015.
 The trainees have to comply with the following entry requirements:
      3.1To be older than 18 years of age
3.2.To have passed training in the approved basic "Proficiency in fast rescue boat" course.
3.3 To have seagoing experience at least a year within the previous five years, or three months within  the  previous six months,  immediately before reissue of  the certificate of professional competence.
 3.4 To present a declaration that they are mentally and physically fit.
On request the course is carried out in English.