in accordance with the requirements of STCW 78', as amended, and model course 6.09 of IMO
Number of Trainees
Minimum: 6
Maximum: 12
7 working days
360 BGN for course,carried out in Bulgarian

 Course subject
The training course is intended for various professionals involved in centers and schools in the training of seafarers for their acquiring of different levels of sea and river competence and proficiency in accordance with the requirements of Ordinance №6 for competence of seafarers in Republic of Bulgaria and STCW Convention. The course delivers the application of different pedagogical methods and techniques in relation to the specificities of training of seafarers of various grades. Successful completion of this course, along with official recognized specialty and qualification of the person is a ground for Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" to recognize his qualifications as marine instructor and lecturer as well.
The training course aims:
-learning of the principal requirements of the STCW Convention as amended and Bulgarian legislation related to the training of various seafarers;
-studying of possibilities of using the traditional teaching methods and educational technologies in the training of seafarers;
- training in planning and implementation of knowledge and specialized courses in maritime training;
- training in planning and implementing an evaluation of achieved knowledge and skills of seafarers and knowledge quality management in maritime specialized training.
Entry standards
The course is open for instructors with at least secondary education and sea or river going service – for professional seafarers. They must have a basic knowledge of maritime English and computer literacy.
N.B. The course can de delivered in English on the customers request.