MARLINS approved test centre

Since 2003 Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre is  MARLINS Aapproved test centre and MARLINS Test of Spoken English (TOSE) Testing Centre.
What the test is?
Each test consists of a total of 85 questions which are broken down into the following categories:
·         Listening comprehension (25 questions)
·         Grammar (30 questions)
·         Vocabulary (15 questions)
·         Different sounds and pronunciation (9 questions)
·         Reading (1 questions)
·         Time and numbers (5 questions)
The final score is calculated as an overall percentage.
There is no time limit for taking the test, but the recommended maximum time is 60 minutes.
 In addition to the computer assessment test of spoken English is also carried out.(TOSE)
To book for a test, please contact Training &HR Department