Number of Trainees
Minimum: 8
Maximum: 16
68 training hours
price 800 BGN for course, carried out in Bulgarian, for February 2018

The course is mandatory for officers, gaining the maritime competency on a management level

The teaching syllabus is developed in accordance with the relevant national standard of Executive Agency Maritime Administration, and is dully approved by them.

     The course is designed for theoretical and practical training of persons, who will apply for the acquisition of the competence  in  the management level, :  "Master on vessel  over 3,000 GT ," Master  on vessel  of 500 up to  3,000 GT"", "Chief officer on vessel  over 3000 GT "," Chief officer on vessel  of 500 up to  3000 GT .
   The course is required under Art. 36, item 1, letter "d" Art. 36, item 2, letter "e",  Art. 36, item 5, letter "e" and Art. 36, item 6 letter "e" of Ordinance № 6 on  the Competence of seafarers in the Republic of Bulgaria, as amended.

Entry Standards

The trainees must hold a certificate of   "Watch-keeping  officer  on a vessel  over 500 GT" or higher.
  1. The course participants  ,  holding a   competence "Chief officer on vessel  over 3000 GT " or " Chief officer on vessel  of 500 up to  3000 GT” , shall be exempted  from passing the function "Cargo handling and stowage" of this Program.
  2. The course participants who  apply for the competence  “Master on vessel  of 500 up to  3,000 GT"  with seagoing  experience only as watchkeeping  officer  and  as a Chief officer on vessel  of 500 up to  3000 GT have  to solve  a Cargo plan task for ship up to 3000 GT , at the course practical examination.

Successful trainees  receive from  BMTC   a  Certificate for attendance, which is an admission to examination before  the E.A. "Maritime Administration" to acquire a higher maritime professional competence. The validity of the above Certificate is five years.