Proficiency in Medical First Aid New Standard in force!

The training is designed in accordance with the Requirements of the Regulation VI/4 p. 1 of STCW'78, as amended
Number of Trainees
Minimum: 12
Maximum: 16
4 days; 30 training hrs
250 BGN, course language Bulgarian

 This course is developed for training officers to provide first aid to seafarers sailing on board of a ship and is designed and performed in accordance with the Requirements of the  Regulation VI/4 para 1 and Section A-VI/4 para 1-3 of STCW'78 (as amended), IMO Model Course 1.14, Directive 2008/106/EС  and Directive 2012/35 EC of the European parliament and the Council, and the national standard for this training as well.
  The trainees successfully completed this course should have a knowledge and skills to apply immediate first aid in the event of accident or illness on board ship until the arrival of competent medical person.
The trainees should  have valid maritime competency certificate  in accordance with STCW 78(as amended), certificate "Elementary First Aid " and valid medical certificate for their medical fitness as well. The trainees should be over 18 year.
After successful course completion and passed written and practical examination,  Maritime Administration issues certificate“Proficiency in medical first aid”, according to the Regulation VІ/4  para 1 and Section A-VI/4 para 1 of STCW 78 (as amended) .The certificate is valid for 5 years.
Final examination is videorecorded in compliance with the Maritime Administration procedures.
 The course is carried out in English on customer request.